About us

We’re a real-state agency with more than 10 years of experience in Majorca’s property market.

We carefully select our properties following the desires of our clients and we offer integral advice during all the sale and post-sale process.

For CoolHomesMallorca, your property is not just another one!

Our services

We offer advice on the market price inferring from previous sales on the area and official data.

We offer information on the expected sale time of a property.

We offer support and personal advice in the process to compile all the documents needed to sell a property (EPC rating, occupancy certificate, simple note, public deed, Construction Completion Certificate, License of First Occupation).

We provide you with a monthly report of the activities we’ve carried out to sell the property (number of visits, offers received, feedback from potential purchasers, portals where the property is advertised and number of contacts received).

We also offer tax and legal advisory service.

We offer advice on home staging. According to a report by the association Home Staging España, a welcoming and attractive property can be sold in less than 38 days.

The average discount percentage in the sale of a property without home staging is 14%, while with home staging is 2.8%.

Our real-estate marketing

  1. Professional photography. 95% of the buyers who search their property on the Internet take only 20 seconds to decide if they want to know more about the house or just rule it out and move on to the next one.
  2. We publicise the property on the main national and international portals.
  3. Each month we carry out specific advertising campaigns through Google Adwords and social media.
  4. We email potential buyers from our data base.

Owner’s commitment

  1. All relevant documents shall be provided in order to put the property up for sale as soon as possible.
  2. It is important that the owner is not at the house when the agency shows the property to potential clients, since they shall feel relaxed and at ease in their future home.
  3. The house shall be in perfect condition when potential clients visit. The house shall be clean and tidy, with open shutters to allow for natural lighting. Unpleasant odours shall be avoided and personal objects placed out of sight (de-cluttering and depersonalising the house gives the prospective purchaser a better idea of how their future home will look like).

Exclusive listing, benefits for the owner

The exclusive listing model allows for a higher control over the sale process:

  • Same information in all portals
  • One single price
  • Better quality photos
  • Keys handover to only one agency
  • All visits are centralised

Shorter selling time frame thanks to the authorisation to publish the exact address, which increases dissemination, contacts, visits and opportunities for sale.

Higher bargaining power to achieve the best selling price.

Our contract allows for a no-fee cancellation if you let us know 15 days in advance.

You will benefit from our tax and legal advisory service.

We work with a network of trustworthy national and international partners which allows us to reach a larger pool of potential buyers.