To sell a property in the shortest possible time and at a market sale price, you have to present the property in an attractive way to potential buyers because you only have one opportunity to make a good impression on your visits.

Before marketing a home it is essential to carry out the following actions:

  1. In old houses it is necessary to paint the walls of the house, remove old curtains and rugs, fix plugs and light sockets.
  2. Cleaning of the house and elimination of bad odors from animals, tobacco and food. The order helps buyers to be more relaxed during the visit.
  3. Depersonalization of the home. Remove family photos, pictures, posters, etc. Buyers want to imagine what their future home will be like.
  4. If the house is empty, a very interesting option is to furnish it with cardboard furniture. It is a very low investment and then when the house is sold it is amortized, because the percentage of discount in the sale price is less compared to the houses that are not well presented.
  5. Taking professional quality photographs is essential to attract potential buyers. 95% of buyers looking for housing online in 20 seconds decide if they want to know more about the house or discard it. Quality photographs equal more visits, and therefore, more possibilities of selling the home.
  6. The investment made for the development of the house is amortized when it is sold. The recommended investment for a HOME STAGING intervention is approximately between 2% and 3% of the sale price.

The average discount percentage of a home without intervention from HOME STAGING is 14%.

The average discount percentage of a home with HOME STAGING intervention is 2.8%.

At CoolHomesMallorca we can help you maximize the sale value of your property.