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We free you from the stress of the purchasing process

We offer integral solutions to support you on the purchase process. Our purpose is your peace of mind, without any troubles and point out the easiest way. You will be surrounded by complete assistance. We negotiate the price and put all our efforts into reaching an agreement, speeding up the process of reserving the property in order to leap the chance the purchase chance.


We put at your disposal, tax, legal and technical advisers. We
have the control of the entire process for your peace of mind.


We made a big effort in collecting all the documentation of the property before being advertised, thus you will know everything about the house from the beginning.

Your real estate personal shopper

Infórmanos de tus preferencias y te encontraremos la casa de tus sueños.

Fair price

We value our homes at a market price.

And also…

  • An initial meeting for a interview helps us to interpret the value preferences and needs.
  • Range of properties according to preferences and purchase capacity.
    Negotiation of the sale price.
  • Financial advice and the best rates in the market.
  • Tax and legal advice during partnership companies.
  • Post-sale services, estimate service for refurbishment.

Topics of interest for buyers

Buyer's Guide

WE HELP YOU BUY YOUR HOME We know how important buying a property is in someone’s life path. At CoolHomesMallorca we have designed a simple and clear buying process which focuses on your peace of mind from the beginning...

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Virtual tours, an innovative tool of global marketing

Virtual tours, an innovative tool of global marketing

CoolHomesMallorca i launches virtual tours, an innovative tool of global marketing. Benefits for property sellers: Innovation and global positioning: the higher number of visits increases the chances of selling your property. Reducing the number of physical visits...

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Buyer’s taxes and expenses

Buyer’s taxes and expenses

Usually 10% of the price covers the purchase costs. Although on certain occasions this calculation may be close to reality, the nature of the property and the individual circumstances of each buyer must be taken into account. We explain them in detail below: 1. VALUE...

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