We help you buy your home

We know how important buying a property is in someone’s life path. At CoolHomesMallorca we have designed a simple and clear buying process which focuses on your peace of mind from the beginning. We take the following steps to help you buy your desired property simply and effectively.

1. Shall we go for a coffee?
We suggest meeting at a nice cafe where you can tell us what you’re looking for in a relaxed environment. We’ll know straight away if we can help you.

2. Our compromise, saving you time.
We’ll only suggest visiting the properties that adjust to your desires and preferences. We’ll design a plan to find your ideal property. Since we know first-hand all our property portfolio, we can instantly answer any questions you may have.
We’ll let you know straight away if we can help you, as your time is precious to us.

3. A very special moment.
Finding a property that suits your desires is a very satisfying moment for us. Now it’s time to be quick and put an offer, and from the very first moment we will have all the information and documents ready. Moreover, we provide you with market valuations of similar properties, a valuable and up-to-date information which will allow you make a coherent and well-argued offer. We will make your offer to the owner. If all goes to plan and your offer is accepted, it’s important to pay the deposit quickly to reserve the property and take it out of the market. If any significant irregularity affecting the property is found during the paperwork process, you can withdraw your offer and your deposit will be returned.
4. It’s time for legal formalities.
If everything is in order, the Purchase Option Contract is drafted and signed by both parts. Simultaneously, you should transfer the seller a 10% deposit of the purchase price. Then the contract is binding. Please be aware that, if for any reason you do not proceed with the purchase, you will lose this deposit. By contrast, if the seller withdraws you will be returned the deposit immediately and the seller will have to pay the compensation stipulated in the contract.
5. Let’s go to the Public Notary.
We will agree with the seller the date to sign the Public Deeds of Sale before your preferred Notary. At this moment you will have to pay the remaining price through a check or bank transfer. You will immediately be given the keys and property documentation.
Congratulations, the property is now yours!

6. Our work is not over.
We’re truly delighted for you and continue by your side.
Now it’s time for you to relax and, for this reason, we’ll take care of changing all the bills into your name (electricity, gas and water).
If you want, we can also help process the diverse taxes and submit the Deeds to the Spanish Property Registry.
Meanwhile, we can take care of whatever you may need for your new home:

– Furniture relocation.
– Personal advice on integral renovations (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) and improvements.
– Painting.
– Key-holding services.
– Gardening.